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Industrial Safety

One of the key competences in LF security, is the manner of which we plan to guard particularly sensitive areas, including construction sites, ports and industrial areas with perimeter security, guards, alarms and video surveillances.

LF security solves the problem from the initial phase until a fully operational security system is operational. This includes hardware setup, system configuration, and subsequent operation / maintenance of alarm and video equipment. This also include providing the guards, that fits the needs of your company.

Security Guards

LF SECURITY provides security for shops, shopping streets and to private citizens:

  • Anti-theft and transport of valuables
  • Guards at major events
  • 24 hour perimeter check

In addition, a number of other security products:

  • Guards at gates
  • Guards at fixed locations
  • Doormen

Dog Section

Our hallmark is a professional approach to everything we do. From thought to action.

Who are we?
LF Vagt Dog section is a special department focusing on well-trained dog managers with their service dogs.

What do we offer?
LF Vagt Dog section can offer tasks solved with service dogs such as alarm driving, rounding service, stationary tasks, area watch, port security, guard on construction sites, object protection etc.

Photo gallery
See the pictures of some of our lovely dogs here


Social Support

Special support

LF security offers, as something unique, at short notice, to enter into tasks that are subject to the service legislation such as troubled youngsters judgment placed criminals and similar groups where special educational and teaching skills and preferences is required.

LF security, is also part of mentoring over both shorter and longer periods, with individual solutions.


LF security has a large group of employees who specialize in working with socially disadvantaged groups of people with special needs. Our Employees all have documented education in their various fields of expertise.


LF security staff has solved various tasks at Kofoed Minde and a number of private companies. This include social and Guarding tasks.


First aid, firefighting, adult educational training, Navy sergeant school, hygiene course, basic knowledge about autism modules 1 + 2.

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